Teen Patti Sweet App Download Now & Get Instant Bonus ₹51 || Sweet Teen Patti Apk

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Teen Patti Sweet App
Size 54MB
Latest Version 1.27
MOD Info Android
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Teen Patti Sweet App
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Teen Patti Sweet App Download Now & Get Instant Bonus ₹51 || Sweet Teen Patti Apk

Hello My Friends, Welcome Back To My another New Article :- Teen Patti Sweet App

I’m going to talk about a new Game today. So you all stay connected until the last. Teen Patti Sweet App is also an Earning App.

Today I am going to give you information about Teen Patti Sweet App. If you also want to earn game money, your patience is complete. Because in the App you can lose a lot of money by playing games.

If you have Time, you can earn money by playing this Game.And it is not that three husbands is only this game, so you are thinking wrong there are many other GAMES in S, which you can earn money by playing.

You also get a new feature in the Apk . with feature you will have more fun playing the Game.

Information About Teen Patti Sweet Apk

Teen Patti Sweet App is a platform in which you can lose money by playing Games. Once you Download this game, you will get a Sign up Bonus of Get Rs.51. The size of this App is not too much, you can easily Download it to your Mobile.

And those who have Storage problems in their phones also need not worry.Because due to the low size of the App, there will be no problem in the Storage of your phone.

The size of the App is 54 MB. In this App you will also find other games that you can earn money by playing. Teen Patti Sweet App is an Earning App. By playing the games of this App, you can lose money at home. And this application is absolutely Safe. So if you are true that this App is not safe, don’t worry.

Withdrawal, Add Money in this App you can easily, that too Safely. In the App, you also get new options, such as VIP Bonus in the App, Daily Reword . There are also tournaments in the App.

How to Download Teen Patti Sweet Apk ?

Now you have to Download the Teen Patti Sweet App, then how to do it, then you also tell you that you want to Download the App from it ? Teen Patti Sweet Application has to be downloaded directly from the official website of the App.

You can get a lot of links from the Internet but the Link can also be wrong to Download this App. But you do not need to Download from such a wrong Link.You can Download Teen Patti Sweet by clicking on this link.

Download Teen Patti Sweet AppAfter going to the Link, you will get the Download Button. As soon as you Click on that Download button, the file of Teen Patti Sweet will be downloaded. Later you can Install this Application by going to the settings of your phone and turning on unknown sources.

How to Register In Teen Patti Sweet App ?

After downloading the app, you may be thinking about how to Register in the App, then in now I will tell you about how you can Register in the Teen Patti Sweet App. In the App you can Register easily. Friends can Register you in three(3) ways in this Game.

Mobile number to Login 2. Facebook Side 3. Guest Login

But friends should definitely log you with Mobile Number, because of any problem due to Account Log out, you can easily log in again. Then Register with my easy Trick.

How to Register In Teen Patti Sweet App ?

  • Download the Teen Patti Sweet App on your Smart Phone.
  • After downloading the App, you Open it.
  • Now you will get 3 options of Mobile login, Facebook login and guest login to Register your Account here.
  • Click on the Mobile Login option and enter your Mobile number and Password and click on the OTP Button.
  • An OTP will be sent to your Mobile number, verify the OTP and create an Account.
  • You will get an instant ₹31sign-up bonus after becoming an Account.

All Available Games On Teen Patti Sweet App

So Friends, I used to say that in Teen Patti Sweet App there are many more Games to which you can also reduce money for the game. Inside Teen Patti Sweet App we will find 14 games . Inside every game you will find a new adventure and a new feature.

If you get bored playing any Game then you can Try another game. The list of Games that are being given to us inside the Application and their names are given below.

  • List Of All Games
  1. Teen Patti
  2. Rummy
  3. Dragon Vs Tiger
  4. Jhandi Munda
  5. Andar Bahar
  6. Horse Racing
  7. Car Roulette
  8. Cricket Battle
  9. 7 Up Down
  10. Red Vs Black
  11. Win GO
  12. Baccarat
  13. Royal 3 Patti
  14. Ak 47

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Invite Your Friends & Earn Cash In Teen Patti Sweet App ?

In my Friends, Teen Patti Sweet, if you do not know about the Refer and Earn Option, then do not worry, I will inform you about this Option. Through this Option, you can earn money, even just by inviting.

Now you must have wondered how this Option works. In this Option they seem great, but there is no possibility of going to Amount Loss. In the App you will get all the bonuses from inviting. You can also Withdraw money from UPI and bank immediately.

  • Then First Click on the Refer & Earn Option on the left side below you on the Home Page.
  • Link Copy of Teen Patti Sweet game to Referral.
  • Share the Link to your friends after copying, you can share the App in any Social Media App.
  • And if you Download any of the shared links of Teen Patti Sweet, then you get under the Level Bonus given below.

* Share 1st Friend Get Share Bonus 80₹

* Share 2ns Friend Get Share Bonus 90₹

* Share 3rs Friend Get Share Bonus 100₹
And After 3rd Friends You Can Get Every Bonus 100₹.
*After you Recharge your Member Minimum more than₹ 1000, you get 20% Tax Amount.

Note :- the above Share Bonus is valid only if your Players Add more than₹ 1000.

If the Member recharges more than₹ 1000, then get 10% Commission.

Teen Patti Sweet App 7 Day Reward

Friends, if you are New Users, friends this Option is given for you people. In this case, you can Claim the bonus up to 7 Din every day.

Friends, you have to log in to this App Daily to make a 7 Day Reward Claim. You can make Daily claims inside this game. The Bonus that you get in this is not even more and can not be less.

VIP In Teen Patti Sweet App

This Option will also show you on the right side of the Home page. By opening that Option, VIP1 will appear Daily Reward. This VIP Option ranges from VIP0 to VIP8. If you Upgrade VIP 1, then in VIP1 you will get Rs.30days.Get 1.If you have to upgrade VIP, you will get Daily Reward. Every VIP from VIP1 to VIP8 gets different Rs.

How To Add Money In Teen Patti Sweet App ?

Now you might have thought that you have to Add money to this Application, so how to do it ? I’ll tell you the Process. To add money, Aadhar card, Bank and Pan card must be provided.

How To Add Money In Teen Patti Sweet App ?

  • Teen Patti Sweet Apk has to be opened .
  • Now you will get the Add Cash Option on the Home Page. Click on it .
  • Now you will get a new Page. Where you Click on Paytm, Google Pay to add Money.
  • Now you have to enter UPI and Pin and Click on Add Money.
  • This way the money will be added to your account.

How To Withdrawal In Teen Patti Sweet App ?

After doing Add Money, you must have thought how to withdraw money after doing Add Money?

You will see the above option to withdraw, from there you can withdraw.

The app provides access to net Banking, Mobile banking and direct bank accounts.

Here you can get a minimum payment of ₹100 Withdraw.

Follow the steps given below to take the payment withdrawal.

How To Withdrawal In Teen Patti Sweet App ?

  • To do Withdrawal, you will see the Withdrawal Option at the top of the Home page, click on that Withdrawal Option.
  • The first thing to do Withdrawal is to do KYC.
  • Then you first have to Verify your Mobile, in that you just have to enter your Mobile Number, after entering the Mobile Number, you will get an OTP once you Click on the Otp Button, fill
  • that Otp. By filling the correct Otp, your Mobile number will be Bound.
  • Then you have to enter the details of your Bank account.
  • After entering the IFSC Code , Account Holder Name, Account Number , and Email, Click on the Submit Button.
  • After doing all this, write down the amount you need to withdraw and Click on the Withdraw button.

Teen Patti Sweet App FAQ’s

Q1. Which languages are there in Teen Patti Sweet App?
Ans: – this Application has Hindi, Nepali, Tamil, Telugu and English languages.

Q2. 3 How To Download Patti Sweet App?
Ans: – if you want to Download the Application, you can search for this Article or social media App.

Q3. What is the maximum clearance in the App?
Ans: – most withdrawals in Application are Rs.There are 10000.

Q4. What is the minimum withdrawal in Teen Patti Sweet App?
Ans: – minimum withdrawal in this application is Rs.100.

Q5. 3 What is the sign up Bonus in Patti Sweet App ?
Ans: – sign up in this application for Bonus Rs.See you 31.

Q6. Is the App safe ?
Ans: – this Application is absolutely Safe. Which is 100% Verified to Launch.

Q7. How much App Commission do you get for Referral ?
Ans: – when your Referral deposits money in this App, it gives you 20% percent Commission.

Q8. 3 How many supported Games are there in Patti Sweet App?
Ans: – a total of 14 Games are available in this Application, which can be earned Real Cash by playing.

Q9. Is Teen Patti Sweet App a Paid App?
Ans: – No, 3 Patti Sweet App is a 100% Free App, which you can Download from its Official Website.

Tips & Tricks Related To Teen Patti Sweet Apk

Friends, you guys also need to ask anyone who has played that Gaming Application before about the Game, which is easy to play the Game. When we play Games with the Tips of a veteran, we feel less difficult, and as much as we live easily. So, we will tell you all the tips or Tricks related to Teen Patti Sweet App.

  • You guys should understand the Rules of whatever Game you play first.
  • You should bet as much in any Game as you can win Risk prison.
  • No game should be used.
  • Only Games should be played in a limit.
  • In Games, always start playing with small buddies first, then the BET should increase as you live.
  • While playing in any Games, try to reconcile the pattern of the game first, so that the next bet is easier.

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Customer Care & Services Support Teen Patti Sweet App

There is also a customer Care facility .

If you ever find anything Difficulty about the App, the use of Customer Care will help you to remove your Difficulty  by reporting your Difficulty in Customer Care.

Note :- this Game involves financial risk. This Game can be addictive. Please play carefully with your responsibility. Only 18+


So friends, today we gave a little information with you, this little information was about a new App. The name of this app was Teen Patti Sweet App. We hope you liked this information. How does this 3 Patti Sweet App reduce us today, how to Download the App ? , What is the advantages of this App ? We hope you have come to know about this App. I hope you guys liked this Article.

You must be aware that it involves financial risk and can also get used to it. Therefore, in the App you should put your Hard Money only in a Limit.Share the Link of this Article to your Friends who like to earn Real Money by downloading Teen Patti / Rummy Game.

We often bring information about New Teen Patti and rummy Games on this Website. And Friends if you like to know about New new Games, then friends visit our Article every day. So that you get information related to the latest Games. Thank you all for reading our Article to the end.


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