Teen Patti Go App Download Now & Get Sign Up Bonus Rs.51

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Teen Patti Go App
Size 58MB
Latest Version 2.54
MOD Info Android
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Teen Patti Go App
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Teen Patti Go App Download Now & Get Sign Up Bonus Rs.51

Hello My Friends, Welcome back To My New Article : Teen Patti Go App

I hope you’re all in the mood. You all know that I keep bringing new New Earning Games, so today I have brought another Earning App. You can earn money by playing Games of this App. This App has many new Games, which you can earn by playing at home.

The name of the App is Teen Patti Go. This application is a fun App. Many people live empty, in that free Time you can earn some money by playing this Game. In this application you will also get to see many new Features, and with the Features played the game you will have more fun.

I am going to give you this Article today in the information of how to Refer & Earn, how to withdraw, how to Add Cash in Teen Patti Go, so I hope that all of you will be connected with me until last.In addition to giving you more Information, then stay connected until last so that you are informed of all the information of Teen Patti Go App.

Information About Teen Patti Go Apk ?

Teen Patti Go Apk is a new Application. You can earn by playing Games of this App. The size of this App is only 58MB. Sign up bonus when you download this Application 100.Rs see you.

In Teen Patti Go Apk, you will get the Latest Version, and you have to play this App total 18 Games, so that if you get bored by playing one Game, then you can Try other Games too.All the games in Teen Patti Go Apk are fun. In each Game you will get a new Thrill.

You can see that the size of the application is not much, then those people who have problems of Ram or Storage in their Mobile can also Download this application easily and play. In this application you will also find many other Games.

And in this application, you also get to see the option like Refer & Earn. I will tell you about this reference and Option later, then my friends stay connected to the Article until last.

How to add Money, Withdrawal in Teen Patti Go App will also tell you in my next Steps.In this App you also get daily Check in Rewards.

How To Download Teen Patti Go Application ?

Now if you have to Download Teen Patti Go Apk, then you will tell you how to download the Application in an easy way. Download the Teen Patti Go app. Download the 3 Patti Go app directly from the official website. Just Follow my Steps.

You can get a lot of links from Teen Patti Go Apk Internet but Link can also be wrong to Download this App. But you do not need to Download from such a wrong Link.You can Download the Teen Patti Go app by clicking on this link.

Download Teen Patti Go App
After visiting this link, you will get the Download Button.

As soon as you Click on that Download button, the file of Teen Patti Go App will be downloaded. Later you can Install this Application by turning on the unknown sources by going to the settings of your phone.

How To Login Progress In Teen Patti Go App ?

Now you are wondering how login progress after download and install ?

And I’ll tell you that too. It is very easy to Login to Teen Patti GO App.

Friends, can Register in this Game in two ways.

1. Login with OTP (mobile number)
2.Play As Guest

Today I will teach you how to Login with OTP (mobile Number). Login with Mobile Number, why any problem due to the Account Log out, you can easily Login again. Then I will tell you through my easy Trick key.

  • Download Teen Patti Go Apk on your Smart Phone.
  • After downloading this App, Open it.
  • Now you will get 2 options of Login with OTP (Mobile Number) Login and Sign in with Play As Guest to Register the Account here.
  • Click on the mobile Login option, Enter your mobile number and Password and click on the OTP Button.
  • An OTP will be sent to your mobile number, verify the OTP and create an Account.
  • Once the account is created, you will immediately get a 100Rs up bonus.

All Available Games In Teen Patti Go Application

So friends, I had told you earlier that in this application you will also get many more new Games.Every game of this application can earn money playing. There are 18 games Available in this Application.It’s not just that you can earn money in a game.The list of Games that are being given to us inside the Application and their names are given below.

  1. Sports
  2. Rummy
  3. Dragon Vs Tiger
  4. Crash
  5. Teen Patti
  6. 7 Up Down
  7. 10 Cards
  8. Mines
  9. Ludo
  10. Andar Bahar
  11. Car Roulette
  12. Roulette
  13. Zoo Roulette
  14. Best Of Five
  15. Black Jack
  16. Teen Patti 20-20
  17. Poker
  18. Variation

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Invite Your Friends & Earn Cash In Teen Patti Go Apk ?

You have also been given the option of REFER and EARN in the Teen Patti Go App.

Friends, you have to work a little hard in this Option, but there is no possibility of losing the Amount.

In this App you get Bonus just by inviting your friends.

This Option is not necessary to find you people, you will find this Option in the Home Page itself.

So friends, the Steps of how REFER and EARN Option works are given below.

Refer & Earn In Teen Patti Go Apk

  • To refer inside the Teen Patti Go Game, Click the Refer & Earn button(Agent) on the bottom Corner on the Lift Side of the game.
  • Later, you should click on the Share Button to Copy the Link of these apps.
  • Now share your Link on WhatsApp, Facebook as much as you can together.
  • If you Download any of the shared links of Teen Patti Fun App, then you get under the level Bonus given below.
  • Share 1st Friend Get Share Bonus 80₹
    Share 2ns Friend Get Share Bonus 90₹
    Share 3rs Friend Get Share Bonus 100₹
  • And After 3rd Friends You Can Get Every Bonus 100₹.
  • If your member recharges more than₹ 1000 minimum, then they get 60% Tax Amount.

Note :-  This Share Bonus given above is valid only if your Players Add more than₹ 1000.

How To Add Money In Teen Patti Go App ?

Now you have to Add Money in Teen Patti Go App so how to do ? So this also gives you a sense of simplicity.

Add money is not that difficult.

Once you Open the Teen Patti Go App, you will be shown on the Home Page, on the Right Side, on the bottom side, on the Corner.

Follow the steps given below to Add Money.

Add Money In Teen Patti Go App

  • In this process, you should first Open the Teen Patti Go App in your Mobile.
  • On the right side of the Home page, you will find the option of Add Cash on the Corner. Click on it.
  • Once you Click on Add Cash, you will now get a new Page. Where you Click on Paytm, Google Pay, Phone Pay and other UPI to add Money.
  • Now you have to enter UPI and Pin and Click on Add Money.
  • This way the money will be added to your account.


Add 500₹ & Get 2.5% Bonus

Add 1000₹ & Get 4.5% Bonus

Add 3000₹ & Get 5% Bonus

Add 5000₹ & Get 5% Bonus

Add 8000₹ & Get 5.5% Bonus

Add 10000₹ & Get 6% Bonus

Add 30000₹ & Get 6% Bonus

Add 50000₹ & Get 6% Bonus

Add 100000₹ & Get 6% Bonus


Friends, if you are New Users, then this Option is given for you people. In this, you can Claim bonus up to 7 Din every day.

Friends, you have to Login This App Daily to Claim 7 Day Reward. You can Claim Daily within this game. The Bonus that you get in this is not even more and cannot be reduced.

3 Patti Go Apk VIP Bonus Program ?

If you become a VIP Member in Teen Patti Go Apk, then you get a lot of benefits. VIP Membership in this App is Divided into several Levels. The higher your VIP Level, the more your chances of earning increase. The Apk has you from VIP 1 to VIP 20. And every VIP has different Rs. See you.

You will find this Option on the top left side of the Profile in the Home Page.

3 Patti Go Apk VIP Bonus Program

1. Sing in Bonus    :- this is the Card in which you can Claim without adding Money.

You can earn a claim every 7 Days.

2. Weekly Bonus   :- you can’t Claim Daily. You can Claim Weekly Bonus only once a week.

And so on the side to get these bonuses Minimum 500.Rs I have to Recharge.

3. Monthly Bonus  :– in the Game you can Claim more Level to become VIP Members. You can Use it after you have done it at Level 1,2.

4. Level Bonus         :– do you know that in this, you get the opportunity to claim without adding Money. You get Extra bonuses through all these                                               bonuses.

Safe Button Program In Teen Patti Go Application ?

Bank Safe Button Program is also provided in Teen Patti Go App.

With this option, you can hide the earnings.

How the Safe Button program works will tell you in this. This Option comes to you on the right side of the Home Page before the Withdrawal on the bottom side of the Corner.

Follow the steps below for the Safe Button Program.

Safe Button Program In Teen Patti Go Application

  • In the Teen Patti Go App Game, Click on the Safe Button at the bottom on the Right Side.
  • After clicking on Chip in safe, click on Yes button.
  •  Later your Amount will go to the Safe Account.
  •  Friends, click on correct Chip as much as the amount of Safe Account has to be giggled out so that the leak and click on Reset Button.
  •  When you Click, the amount will be immediately removed from the Safe Account.

How To Withdrawal Money In Teen Patti Go Application ?

Now you must have learned to Refer & Earn and add Money. After that, if you teach you how to make Money out (Withdrawal). 3 Patti Go App provides facility to withdraw money from Net Banking, Mobile Banking and direct Bank account. You can transfer your money to any platform. Here you can Withdraw at least ₹100. The option of Withdrawal will also be available on the Home Page. Follow the steps below to take Payment withdrawal.

Withdrawal Money In Teen Patti Go Application

Step. 1 to withdraw, you will see the option of withdrawal (Chip out) at the top in the Home Page, from there you can withdraw.
Step. 2 then you get two options to Withdraw.

  • Bank Account And
  • Friends in UPI Account can be seen Withdraw from UPI.

Step. 3 after adding UPI Account Information 1. User Name, 2. UPI Address, 3. Click the phone Number Save Button.
Step. 4 only after doing all these, write down the amount you need to withdraw and Click on the Withdraw button.
Step. 5 After Payment is Successful, your Payment is transferred to your UPI Account.

Teen Patti Go App FAQ’s

Q1. Is the 3 Patti Go App safe ?
Ans : – this Application is absolutely Safe. Which is 100% Verified to Launch.

Q2. How to download Teen Patti Go App ?
Ans : – want to Download the Application, you can search this article or social media app.

Q3. What is Teen Patti Go sign up Bonus ?
Ans : – sign up in this application Bonus Rs.11.

Q4. 3 What is the minimum withdrawal in Teen Patti Go ?
Ans : – minimum withdrawal in this application is Rs.100.

Q5. What is the maximum withdrawal in Teen Patti Go app?
Ans : – most withdrawals in this Application are Rs.10000.

Q6. What languages are there in Teen Patti Go App ?
Ans : – This Application has Hindi, English, Nepali, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu languages.

Q7. How much App Commission do you get for Referral ?
Ans: – when your Referral deposits money in this App, it gives you 60% percent Commission.

Q8. How many supported Games are there in  ?
Ans: – A total of 18 Games are available in this Application, which can be earned Real Cash by playing.

Q9. 3 Patti Go App Is a Paid App?
Ans: – No , Teen Patti Go App is a 100% Free App, which you can Download from its Official Website or even from this Article.

Tips & Tricks Related To 3 Patti Go Apk

Friends, you guys also need to ask anyone who has played that Gaming Application before about the Game, which is easy to play the Game. When we play Games with the Tips we feel less difficult, and as much as we live easily. So the following we will tell you all the Tips or Tricks related to 3 Patti Go App.

  • You guys should understand the Rules of whatever Game you play first.
  • You should bet as much in any Game as you can win prison.
  • No game should be used.
  • Only Games should be played in a limit.
  • In Games, always start playing with small buddies first, then the BET should increase as you live.
  • While playing in any Games, try to reconcile the pattern of the game first, so that the next bet is easier.

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Customer Care & Services Support Teen Patti Go App

There is also the convenience of Customer Care.If you ever find anything Problem about the App, the use of Customer Care will help you remove your Problem by reporting your Problem in Customer Care.

Note :-  This game involves financial risk. This game can be addictive. Please play carefully with your responsibility. Only 18+


So friends, today we gave a little information with you, this little information was about a new App. The name of this app was 3 Patti Go App. We hope you liked this information. How does this app reduce Teen Patti Go App, how to Download App ? What is the advantages of this App ? We hope you get the information of this App. I hope you guys liked this Article.

You must be aware that it involves financial risk and can also get used to it. Therefore, in the App you should put your Hard Money only in a Limit. Share the Link of this Article to your Friends who like to earn Real Money by downloading Teen Patti / Rummy Game.

We often keep information about new Teen Patti and Rummy Games on this website. And friends, if you like to know about New new Games, then friends conquer our Article daily. So that you get information related to the latest Games.


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