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Rummy Golds App
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Rummy Golds App Download || Get Sign Up Bonus Rs.99 || Golds Rummy Apk Hello Friends:-If you are still roaming on the internet in search of any Rummy gaming application, and you have not found such application yet, then you can download and install Rummy Golds App in your phone.

On registering in Rummy Golds Apk, you will get a bonus of ₹99, as well as referring it, you also get a referral commission of ₹99 and lifetime 100% commission.

In this, you get to see 23 types of very exciting games, by playing which you can easily earn from ₹1000 to ₹2000 per day. For more information about this application, you can read our excellent article.

About ” Rummy Golds ” Game APK?

1.Rummy Golds Apk DOWNLOAD   APK Google Play
2.Rummy Golds Apk FILE SIZE  41MB
4.GoldsRummy Sign Up Bonus 99₹ + 30% Refer Commission

How to download Rummy Golds App??

  • What you saw next, you must also be thinking that I will also download Rummy Golds App and play. But if you download the Rummy Golds game, I will explain it to you below.
  • You will see the download Now button in our post where you have to click Next the chrome/browser of your mobile phone will be open and once you click on download your game will be downloaded.
  • After your rummy Golds is downloaded, you install the game in your mobile phone, which will come to you now we see all the information of the game step by step.

Download Rummy Golds App

How do you open your Rummy Golds account??

You have downloaded the game now it is the turn to open an account in this, for which you will need a mobile number that is kept inside your mobile. to play the game correctly, it is better to verify the mobile number which we speak next to the following language.

  • – First you open the game in front of you will open the home page of the Rummy Golds game where left said above your profile will be created which you open.
  • – When your profile is open, you will get the option of number verify at the bottom, click there and enter your mobile number then touch in OTP below.
  • – There will be a message in your mobile in which you will get an OTP of 6 points, put it in rummy Golds and set the password according to you below and click on confirm your game will be open from your mobile number and you will also get a bonus of 99₹.

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How many games does Rummy Golds have?

The feature of this game is that here you are given full 23 games because everyone does not want to play rummy game or teen patti game everyone likes different like if someone likes to play rummy,

then someone enjoys playing teen patti or someone is also fond of multiplayer and skill game. So you will find all kinds of games in rummy Golds so that you do not have to download different games.

Multiplayer :

  • – Dragon vs Tiger
  • – Car Roulette
  • – 7 Up Down
  • – Zoo Roulette
  • – Andar Bahar
  • – Roulette
  • – Crash
  • – Teen patti 20-20
  • – Baccarat
  • – 3 Card Poker
  • – Rummy
  • – Teen patti
  • – Black Jack
  • – Andar Bahar Go
  • – Ludo
  • – Variation
  • – Poker
  • – 10 Cards
  • – Fishing Rush
  • – Best of Five
  • – Fruit Lite
  • – IPL Game
  • – Fantasy Sports

How To Add Money In Rummy Golds Apk

In Rummy Golds Apk, you will get a bonus of Rs.99 on creating an account. By using which you can play the game here. Apart from this, if you want to add money separately. So follow the below steps.

Add Cash In Rummy Golds App

  • Rummy Golds Apk has to be opened.
  • Now on opening you will get the option of Add Money on the homepage. Click on it.
  • Now you will get a new page. Where you click on Paytm, Google Pay, to add money.
  • Now you have to enter UPI and Pin and click on Add Money.
  • In this way money will be added to your account.


  • Add 500₹ & Get 2.5% Bonus
  • Add 1000₹ & Get 4.5% Bonus
  • Add 3000₹ & Get 5% Bonus
  • Add 5000₹ & Get 5% Bonus
  • Add 8000₹ & Get 5.5% Bonus
  • Add 10000₹ & Get 6% Bonus
  • Add 30000₹ & Get 6% Bonus
  • Add 49999₹ & Get 6% Bonus

How To Cash Withdraw In Rummy Golds Apk

You can transfer the money earned from Rummy Golds Apk directly to your Bank Account. About which is explained below.

Withdraw Your Cash On Rummy Golds Apk

  • First of all you have to open Rummy Golds app.
  • Now you have to click on the option of Cash Withdrawal.
  • Now you have to enter Bank Detail and IFSC Code. And have to click on Cash Withdraw.
  • Fill Amount and have to click on Cash Withdraw.
  • By doing this, money transfer will be done in your bank account.

How to make money on Rummy Golds?

You may have heard that such a teen Patti game or rummy game is also played by adding your money but you do not know how to do A. So let me teach you….

  • If you have a pay shop button in the corner of the right said in Rummy Golds game, then that you click, there will be a lot of options in front of you, click what you think is right.
  • Here you can add cash from two dates

Bank account
                        UPI ID

  • With this two Tarik, you can add cash in your game Rummy Golds , select what you like right and according to that, you add details which we also call KYC.
  • You complete all these processes and click on the add chip below, the money will be added to your Rummy Golds.
  • This KYC has to be done only once, then you add cash as many times as you want in 2 minutes and you can play open. Now forward…..

Rummy Golds App VIP Program

  • In Rummy Golds, you will see a VIP icon in right said, in that you have to recharge separately, you can not play with money but you get bonus every day.
  • The more you recharge, the more you will get the bonus that you will understand in VIP icon.
  • In VIP recharge, you will get weekly bonus, Monthly bonus and level bonus through 3 types of bonuses.
  • After VIP recharge, you will not play, but you will get a bonus, but to get the bonus, you have to open the Rummy Golds game daily.

How to refer & earn in Rummy Golds Apk

  • If your friend is interested in Rummy game, then you also tell him that download this game and play A. I am telling you for this because you have a lot of benefit in this, come and explain to you…
  • In Rummy Golds, you will see the icon of refer & earn in the corner of left said, there will be a good page open in front of you.
  • Below in this page you will see the link of your game that you must have understood . You will find 5 options like whatsapp, facebook, youTube , copy & Send.
  • Whatever social media application you use in your mobile, send the link to all your friends with application.
  • You tell you friends that download rummy Golds from your sent link and play what will be your advantage in that one of your friends will download rummy Golds and open, then you will get 99₹ bonus.
  • If your winning friend download from your link and play it by adding cash, then you will also get 30% commission. Now tell me it’s not profit….

How to exit Rummy Golds App??

  • Rummy Golds game has a lot of money coming into your account and if you want to put it in your bank account, then you have to do KYC.
  • You must have thought that now what is this KYC which teaches in an absolutely easy way hey come. You just need some documents like that..

           Bank account number
           Bank user name
           Bank IFCS code
           Bank Name

  • You will see the withdrawal icon in the very side of the shop, click on it, you will get several Bank accounts written on it, click on it and you will have come to put the process that you put according to your own account.
  • In Rummy Golds , the second option in the amount withdrawal also comes from UPI, if you want to do it from UPI, then you can also do it from UPI.
  • After KYC is done, put the amount as much as you want to withdraw in the amount and in 1-2 days your money will come to your bank account . Now forward…


  • HOW TO DOWNLOAD Rummy Golds APK.?
  • HOW TO EARN Rummy Golds APK.?
  • HOW TO LOGIN Rummy Golds APK.?
  • HOW TO ADD CASH Rummy Golds APK.?
  • HOW TO REFER & EARN Rummy Golds APK.?
  • HOW TO WITHDRAW Rummy Golds APK.?


Q1. How Much is Sign-Up Bonus in Rummy Golds?
ANS. Sign Up Bonus Rs.99.
Q2. What is the Minimum  Withdraw of Golds Rummy App?
ANS. Minimum Withdraw is Rs.100.
Q3. What is the Maximum Deposit of Golds Rummy App ?
ANS. Maximum Deposit Is Rs.100.
Q4. How much bonus do you get on each Invite in GoldsRummy Apk?
ANS. Per Invites –Rs.20.
Q5. How much recharge commission do you get in Rummy Golds App?
ANS. Recharge Commission 1% To 10%
Q6. What is the maximum withdrawal in Rummy Golds Apk?
ANS. The Minimum Withdrawal is Not Limit.

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Customer Care & Services Support Rummy Golds  App

There is also the facility of Customer Care.

So that if you ever find anything difficult about the App, then using Customer Care will help you to solve your problem by reporting your problem to Customer Care.

Note :- This game involves financial risk. This game can be addictive. Please play with your responsibility carefully. Only 18+ Go to Download Page...

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